Americans are Ready to Get Serious on Campus Sexual Assault

The prosecution recommended a six-year sentence, but Brock Turner, the star swimmer at Stanford University got just six months. The recent national discourse around this case seems to show we have come a long way in terms of openly recognizing and addressing the problem of campus sexual assault. But it’s cases like Turner’s that remind us just how much more needs be done. 

CASE STUDY: Guinness Nigeria's Orijin Brand

Diageo, the world’s largest producer of spirits and a major player in beer and wine, continues to showcase its ability to not just target and establish strong positions in new markets but to invest in ways that allow it to dominate them.  Guinness Nigeria’s Orijin brand is a prime example.

Over the years, Diageo seeded Nigeria and Africa, more broadly, with many of their well-known global brands.  But, true to what they have done in other markets and categories, Diageo also knew that, to win, they needed to continue to invest in the market with an offering uniquely suited for this region of the world – one connected to the Nigerian identity and one that would create strong pull.  Launched in 2013, Orijin represents a clear example of Diageo’s commitment to the region.

Considered a premium brand in Nigeria, Orijin is a bittersweet RTD beverage made with local herbs and fruits often found in West African herbal remedies, and, the sister product, Orijin Bitters, is a beverage with higher alcohol content. In that sense, Diageo has created a brand that plays on the culture and tradition of a major local market--one that evokes a sense of familiarity and comfort for its consumers.  However, this brand comes in contemporary and premium packaging and, because it is backed by a multinational, it is free of the safety concerns that appear to plague local players producing similar beverages.  As a result, Diageo is able to charge a price premium relative to other local herbal drinks.  Providing consumers looking to trade-up with a comfortable and safe access-point to Diageo’s broader portfolio.


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