By design, Lincoln Park Strategies is, and always will be, a small firm with a select client list.

Most of us have worked at larger firms in the past and wanted to get away from the “churn and burn” model of business. In choosing to limit the number of clients we work with at a time, we can give more attention to each one and develop recommendations based on hours spent with the data- not just the 15 minutes before a conference call.

Our definition of success is to make sure that every client feels like they are our only client.

We take great pride in the fact that we have had clients of all sizes and budgets tell us they felt like they had our undivided attention.

We believe that a successful campaign is a collaborative one. No matter how many projects you choose to conduct with us, we do not simply give you the results and disappear until the next project. We will be as involved as you would like us to be, and always available to give our thoughts and strategic advice based on the results of our research.