In the simplest terms, polling allows an organization to understand the mood of a given audience. However, good polling is far from simple.

Quantitative research provides an organization with a snapshot of attitudes and beliefs, but that is not just telling you what percent of people agree with you.

If you ask a meteorologist to tell you the weather and the answer is that there is a 20% chance of precipitation, that could be correct, but you are not really getting the information you need to know. The same is true with polling. It is easy to tell an organization what percent of their audience agrees with the issue at hand, but that is just a small part of the story that needs to be known. Good polling will give you a complete picture and tell you not just what percentage supports or opposes your idea, but why they do.

At Lincoln Park Strategies, we take great care in developing questions that do more than just tell our clients what they want to hear or what they already know. Instead, we aim to give them a true understanding of what people are thinking and how the current landscape, coupled with people's deeply held beliefs, shapes their opinions.

There is no boilerplate research project at Lincoln Park Strategies. We treat every project as a unique opportunity to help inform communications-based campaigns.