Lincoln Park Strategies specializes in predictive modeling, a service that helps organizations increase the accuracy of targeting the correct groups of people whether your market is a town, city, state, or country. Regardless of your organization’s budget, we can create a plan that will harness the power of data and help increase the effectiveness of any outreach effort.

Our proprietary methodology uses a unique set of questions designed to delve deeper into not just what people think, but how they think on economic, societal, and political issues. The results allow us to segment the population into various cohorts of likeminded thinkers. These groups, which vary based on the targeted area, are then replicated through our predictive modeling in order to classify all members of the intended universe.

Unlike most modeling approaches, which are developed through a reliance on static data sets and take a binary view on a target audience where you either are or are not a potential consumer target, our modeling gives a complete view of how people’s opinions fit in to their overall world view.

Our unique modeling approach provides our clients with the ability to direct finely tuned messages towards unique sets of audiences, whether it is on the phone, at the door, online, through TV/radio, or in the mailbox. Modeling not only provides a clear roadmap to an organization, but maximizes the money spent on paid communications making our clients much more efficient and effective.