Rebuilding the Democratic Brand: A Case Study of the Droppers and the Switchers

This memo discusses the challenge that the Democratic Party has faced for years yet has been unable to get out from under― that, despite an array of public opinion polling which shows that American voters are with us on the pressing policy issues of the day, those same voters do not view the Democratic Party as the solution to those policy issues.

In other words, the American public is with us on the issues, but they are not with us as a Party.

Why the disconnect? The memo explores the views of two critical groups the Party must win back in order to succeed in 2012, the Droppers and the Switchers, to show how we must change the way we message to voters in order to start the process of building a party that can hold on to the majority for more than just four years. Rebuilding our brand won’t be easy, and it certainly won’t happen overnight, but the work needs to start immediately.

Read the full memo here.